Past Events and Conferences

Past Seminars and Conferences

The FATAG conferences provide a valued meeting place where therapists can refuel and re-energise their enthusiasm for the work. They inspire questions and stimulate thinking.
It is important to acknowledge the impact that these conferences have had on the working lives of arts therapists who work in prisons and other secure settings. Without them, many of us would lack what has become a vital and creative arena for sharing skills and ideas about good practice and for gaining support. With the focus on the wide range of clinical initiatives used when working with offender patients, we have came together to hear about each others triumphs and problems, inviting presentations from arts therapists in all four modalities as well as speakers from other professions.
Home Office Arts in Prisons Working Party - Arts Therapies Sub Group Liaison Meeting
• Short presentations by Marion Liebmann, Art Psychotherapist
• Jackie Blatt, Dance Movement Therapist and others.


Arts therapies Advisory Group to the Standing Committee on the Arts in Prisons

1st - 11.3.95
• Jessica Saunders-Williams, Dramatherapist
• Lyn Aulich, Art Psychotherapist
2nd - 20.9.96
• Pip Cronin and Tobias Arnup, Art Psychotherapists, presented their work at HMP Holloway
• Sally Stamp, Dramatherapist
3rd-  6.10.97
• Jinnie Jefferies, Psychodramatherapist
• Sarah Hoskins, Head of Music Therapy, Guildhall School of Music
4th - 20.2.98
• Marion Liebmann, Art Therapist
• Anne Slaboda, Music Therapist
5th - 6.7.98
• Colin Teasdale "Art Therapy with Lifers: Engagement, Attachment, Reflection, Learning”
• Theresa Holman "Dramatherapy and Substance Using offenders: What's got you hooked?"
6th - 6.11.98
• Felicity de Zulueta, Psychotherapist "From Pain to Violence: The Traumatic Roots of Human Destructiveness"

Forensic Arts Therapists Advisory Group

7th - 15.10.99
• Penny Coulthard, Kneesworth House "Dramatherapy within a Sex Offender Programme for People with Learning Disabilities’
8th - 24.3.00
• Suzanne Delshadian "Understanding Acting Out Behaviour in the Context of Art Therapy with disturbed Patients”
• Rob Hale, Director of the Portman Clinic "Acting out : A Psychoanalytical Perspective"
• Cath Roberts, Music Therapist
• Maggie McAlister, Dramatherapist
• Liz Brown, Art Psychotherapist and Ruth Goodman, Dramatherapist
• Merran Marr, Art Therapist, Grendon Prison.
• John Glynn, Music Therapist at Three Bridges RSU “Drummed Out of Mind: The Primitive Superego and its Manifestations in Music Therapy with Offender Patients”
• Mario Guarnieri, Dramatherapist and Sydney Klugman, Art Therapist at Broadmoor “Trust”
12th - 16.06.03
• Paola Franciose, Psychotherapist "The Struggle to Work with Locked Up Pain"
• Kate Rothwell, Art Therapist “Skin - A Metaphor for Containment’
13th - 1.12.03
• Paul Batson, Marion Miles and Helen Mason “One to the Power of Three”
• Ben Anthony, HMP Holloway “Back to Basics”
14th 17.5.04
• Colin Teasdale, Art Therapist, HMP Grendon and Clinical Focus Groups “Art Therapy as Part of a Group Therapy Programme for Personality Disordered Offenders”
15th - 29.11.04
• Richard Manners “Using Art Therapy to Assist Transition Towards Community Services”
• Marion Liebman “Making the Transition from Violence to Non-violence”
• Sara Boas “Therapist in Transition, Moving Through Inner and Outer Space”
16th - 16.09.05
• Kate Rothwell “Suicide and Art Therapy”
• Rob Hale, who’s talk explored how suicidal acts showed how they demonstrated multiple and contradictory unconscious processes.
17th - 10.02.06
• Val Huet and Neil Springham, Art Therapists “Working with Humiliated Fury”
• Terri Coyle and Simon Hastilow “Organisational and Agenda for Change”
18th - 16.10.06
• Maggie McAlister and Katie Smith “What’s Love Got To Do With It? An Exploration of the Erotic in Forensic Settings”
19th - 21.05.07
• Marilyn Hoggard, Art Therapist “A Deaf Woman’s Story”
• Matthew Huckel “Music Therapy with Elderly Lifer Prisoners: Who Wants to Know?”
20th - 4.2.08
• Anna Motz “Hiding and Being Lost”
• Lynn Aulich “Anxious Images - A Presentation and Discussion about the Nature of Violent and Morbid Images in the Context of Art Therapy”
21st 21.11.08
• Marino Guarnieri, Martina Mongdang, Alex Maguire, Deryk Thomas,
Broadmoor Hospital, WLMHT, “The Internal Bomb: The Perceived Terror of
What the Arts Therapist will Ignite in a High Secure Environment”
• Andy Gilroy “Developing Guidelines for Arts Therapies Service Provision and
Practice in Forensic Settings”
22nd - 19.6.09
• Dr Han Kurstjens and Team, Hogeschool Creative Therapies, Utrect, Netherlands “Arts Therapies for Young Offenders in Secure Care”
• Adrienne McDermid, Art Therapist “Travelling towards Recovery in Forensic Mental Health Services: The Role of Art Therapy”
• Mary Veal, Music Therapist “Behind the Locked Door-The Challenges and
Implications of Setting up a Music Therapy service within The State Hospital”
• Joanna Pearce, Art Therapist “Personality Disorder and Learning Disabilities:
Presenting a Study of Art Therapists Experiences based on a Focus Group
and Survey”
• Margaret Hills De Zarate, Art Therapist “Human Rights and Social Wrongs in
Colombia: Working with Child Soldiers”
• Alenka Vidreh, DramaTherapist “Back to the Source of Drama/Empowering the DramaTherapist”
• James Robertson, Music Therapist “Whose Music is it Anyway?”
• Wita Szulc and Nina Mulawa, Poland, Creative Arts Therapies “Cultural Activities in Polish Prisons”
• Alaistair Robertson, Music Therapist “Structure and Improvisation”
• The Arts Therapies in Northern Ireland: Eileen McCourt “The Changing Nature of Art Therapy in Probation Practice”, Alison Wilson “Art Therapy
with Vulnerable Prisoners”, Brendan O’Neill “Putting the Art into the Therapy–Establishing Art Therapy in a Low Secure Unit”, Annie McIntyre “Art Therapy with Female Prisoners and Young Offenders”, Rachel Colley “Initial Perspectives of a student Art Therapist within a Probation Setting”
23rd - 16.11.09
• Jo Augustus and Jane Lagun, Art Therapists “Incarceration, Creativity and The Potential for Change - A Presentation of Work by Two Art Therapists Working within Groups at HMP Grendon, A Category B Therapeutic Community Prison for Men Diagnosed with Severe Personality Disorder”
• Naomi Phelan and Rose Thorn, DramaTherapists “Holding the Place of Not Knowing” A presentation/performance of a Dramatherapy open group on an acute inpatient ward.
24th 22.6.10
• Katie Smith, Art Therapist and Maggie McAlister, DramaTherapist “The Perpetrating Mind: Doing the Splits Between Victims and Offenders’
• Lorna Downing, DramaTherapist “Inside Out” A film by patients about their experience of life in a secure hospital.
25th 12.11.10
• The Role of Art Therapy in Helping Offenders with Anger Issues. Five authors involved in the book Art Therapy and Anger (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2008) presented their work on anger issues with offenders:
• Marian Liebmann, Art Therapist “Art Therapy with a Violent Offender in a Community Mental Health Team”
• Hannah Godfrey, Art Therapist “Androcles and the Lion: Prolific Offenders on Probation”
• Sue Pittam, Art Therapist “Inside-Out / Outside-In: Art Therapy with Young Male Offenders in Prison”
• Kate Rothwell, Art Therapist “What Anger? Working with Acting-out Behaviourin a Secure Setting” Simon Hastilow, Art Therapist “Avoided Anger: Art and Music Therapy in a Medium Secure Setting”
26th - 17.6.11
• Catriona Maccoll, Dramatherapist “Why am I Here?” This is the story
of a journey through Dramatherapy of a very creative person who loved
Shakespeare, music and dancing and probably painting. Her talents were
obliterated by her devastating illness, but it couldn't destroy her use of words
which she used to powerful effect through poetry.I will read out her poetry
and talk about our journey together, our relationship and how long it took to
develop whilst both of us were tortured by this question - why am I here?
• Christopher Scanlon, Consultant psychotherapist, “The Impact of Trauma on Staff and Organisations” In this presentation I will seek to re-locate the responsibility for problems arising from the violence of the anti-social and the borderline from the internal worlds of ‘clients' to phe-nomena associated with the relationship between them and wider organisational contexts – between ‘them’ and ‘us’. I will explore what happens when traumatised (dis) organisations and their workers become bound up with identifications in which they experience themselves as, inhabiting a providing role; and will discuss what happens to these teams of would-be helpers when their food and provisions are refused, messed around with and thrown back at them by clients who nonetheless remain in desperate need of nourishment.
 27th - 7.11.11
• Simon Hackett, Art Therapist ”Process – Outcome Research” Using an experimental single-case study design to investigate the efficacy of Art Psychotherapy with adult offenders who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.
• Angeles Fiallo Montero, Dance Movement Therapist “Acceptance Dance. An Inquiry into the Process of Dance Movement Psychotherapy with Young People in Custody” This study focused on experience of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) in a YOI. This presentation aims to give an insight and introduction of DMP in YOIs.
• Stella Compton Dickinson, Music Therapist “Developing Context Specific Treatment - Group Cognitive Analytic Music Therapy (g-camt): A Mixed Methods, Controlled Feasibility Trial at Rampton High Secure Hospital”
28th 22.6.12
• Katie Dunne, Art Therapist “Art Therapy with Severe Personality Disorder or Trying to be Good when Good can be Bad”
• Rosy Marshall, Art Therapist “Corruption, Deception, Collusion, Attacks on the Mind – What I Want is Forgiveness”
29th - 9.11.12
• Prof.Dr. Nigel Beail, Psychologist “Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with People who have Intellectual Disabilities: Practice Based Research on Effectiveness, Process and Satisfaction”
• Jessica Collier, Art Therapist “3 Man Unlock – Out of Sight, Out of Mind” Art Psychotherapy with a woman with Severe and Dangerous Personality Disorder at HMP Holloway”
30th - 1.11.13
  • Trisha Montague, Music Therapist and James O'Connell, Art Psychotherapist - 'The containment of conflict and the roots of creativity in a music and art therapy group for forensic patients with intellectual disabilities and mental illness'
  • Shaun Wassall, Art Therapist and Grahame Greener, Prison Officer at HMP Low Newton - 'An exploration of Art Therapy within a Prison Based Programme'


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